This July our team at Pure Dermal Care is celebrating the 4th of July, and many other holidays such as national stay out of the sun day, national compliment your mirror day and more!

We will be Closed, July 4th.

July has some of the longest, sunniest days of the year. It is also the middle of this beautiful year, making it a great time for a reset! Heal, protect and nurture your skin this July at Pure Dermal Care!

Anti Aging for your Whole Body

Aging happens like a blink sometimes. One day a line appears or a brown spot.

We get it.

Stamp out some wrinkles with our micro channeling treatment plus hyaluronic acid. $20 off

The Wrinkle Lift treatment causes the skin to reproduce more elastin, collagen, giving your a more youthful glow. While 4 treatments are recommended, give it a try this month and see what you think!

Body Treatments

Schedule your exfoliating body or back and booty treatment in time for your next outing.

Summer Revive Wax and Tint - This service includes a microderm exfoliation followed by nuturing hydration treatment. Finishing this treatment with an eyebrow wax and tint, getting you reset and revived!

Foot Soak Add-on - Elevate your spa experience with our new foot soak add on. Utilizing essential oils and premium epsom salt. Schedule for either before or after your facial to soothe tired, aching feet to provide ultimate relaxation.

Sunshine Express-After time in the water or in the great outdoors, your skin might be fighting to maintain its suppleness. Your skin will receive vitamins and deep hydration and will come away prepared for your next time out in the sun!

Good for all skin types

Includes deep cleansing with scrubs and use of the ultra sonic wand.

Transformation Starts at Home!

Hush Hydrate Gel - Hush Hydrate is a delicate and moisturizing formula chock full of botanical extracts, antioxidants, and skilled inflammation fighters. Our gel contains a potent anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic compound found in black rice, proven to comfort aggravated skin. 10% off

Cran Peptide Moisturizer - An intensely rich and soothing moisturizer packed with a powerful blend of antioxidants and peptides to keep skin nourished. Appropriate for all skin types, especially aging, dry and dehydrated skin. 10% off

Citrus C Nourishing Cream - This robust creamy Vitamin C is hydrating and gentle. The 5% Vitamin C (BVOSC - Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate) is a stable oil soluble form of Vitamin C which offers UV protection, assists with skin lightening and improves collagen synthesis. 10% off

Vital Hydrant Toner - A blend of vital extracts that refresh, hydrate and stimulate sluggish skin.  Ginseng Extract, Ginkgo Extract, Rosemary Extract, and Glycoproteins promote oxygen-revitalizing properties, which are lost with aging. The blend of three antioxidant vitamins A, E, and C protects from free radical damage to the skin caused by the environment.  Excellent for ultra-sensitive skin. 10% off

Travel Sized Green Tea Cleanser - Green Tea Citrus Cleanser contains grapefruit, lemon, and yucca to remove excess oils as the green tea antioxidants calm the skin and bring it new life-giving it a radiant glow. Lemon deep cleans pores while yucca soothes the skin. 10% off

Acai Berry Moisturizer - The antioxidant-packed Acai Berry Moisturizer provides hydration and protects from environmental damage while relieving the surface signs of aging. These natural ingredients improve skin hydration to limit visible lines, encourages proper moisture levels, normalizes water/oil balance, and soothes the skin. 18% off

All Mineral Makeup - Mineral based makeup is incredibly beneficial as opposed to regular makeup because it utilizes natural ingredients that are just as effective, while avoiding the harsh chemicals in normal makeup which can be very inflammatory, pore clogging, and sometimes cancer causing. 18% off

Calm & Correct Serum-Called a miracle serum by one client with ultra sensitive skin, this product helps calm sunburns, irritations and roseacea.  20% off

Creamy Coconut Seasonal Facial

Get into Island time with this month’s Creamy Coconut seasonal.

Rich coconut papaya enzyme captivates senses with tropical oromas and texture.

Ingredients to calm the skin such as allantoin, chamomile and comfrey reduce inflammation and soothe the skin. The Coconut Restorative Mask with Turmeric & Honey provides brightening, hydration and supports in reestablishing theskin’s microbiome so the skin is refreshed and glowing.

Send Someone Our Way Who Suffers From Acne

Get 20% off your next facial if you send someone our way who struggles with acne.

Signup Bonus

In honor of Acne Awareness Month last month as well as our esthetician Lauren completing her Face Reality certification, we are doing a giveaway from the first 8 clients who sign up for the Face Reality Acne Program this summmer.

The first four recipients will recieve a Face Reality toiletrie bag

Second 4 get an ice mold (see below).