Face Reality

Face Reality


Face Reality Acne Program

Do you have acne on your face, chest or back? Products alone will not solve your problem. You also need an acne expert’s guidance.

Pure Dermal Care has joined forces with Face Reality Skincare Clinic based out of California to help teens and adults alike get the clear skin they desire.

  • Get Started Clearing Your Skin With A Proven Approach To Acne Skin Care

    With a 90% success rate, the Face Reality Program is powerful: the combination of clinical grade products and bi-monthly treatments are customized to your acne needs. As a holistic approach, you will learn about other aggravating factors—or culprits—that may be causing you to break out too: foods, medications, cosmetics, stress and common ingredients in skin care formulations that might be clogging your pores (even professional and prescription products).

  • The Process

    The first step in this journey includes a thorough consultation. We’ll talk about acne and ask you a few questions. You’ll learn more about why you have acne and we’ll start talking about how to customize Face Reality for your specific needs.

  • Face Reality Consult
    | 50 minutes

    Face Reality Consult & Peel
    | 90 minutes

    Face Reality Acne Peel
    | 45 minutes

  • Face Reality Acne Back
    | 60 minutes

    Face Reality Face, Back & Chest
    | 90 minutes

    Face Reality—2 Treatments
    | 90 minutes