Korean Beauty

Korean Beauty

Korean Beauty, skincare as a way of life

Also referred to as K-Beauty, Korean skincare culture became a cool topic during the recent Olympics.

K-Beauty is known for umpteen daily cleansing steps and ingredients from natural sources. Think snail mucus and powdered bird droppings. Don't worry. We do our fair share here. Ever used lanolin, in other words sheep sebum?
In Korea, you might stop off for a mini facial at your neighborhood facialist or at a hospital. At Kwangdong Hospital of Traditional Korean Medicine, services include everything from MRIs to neurological exams to facials. --Dina Mishev, How I rebooted my beauty regimen in South Korea

They Korean facial strategy is to do mini facials bi-monthly or even weekly. Not a fancy treatment but effective in keeping skin hydrated and bright.

Never tried it? Now you can. Check out the Express Exfoliating or Hydrating treatment for an American version. This 30 minute treatment allows you to rest and get a focused treatment and spend less, $29.

Do you take awhile to unwind? I'd stick with the 90 minute Seasonal or 60 minute custom facial. 

Either way, your skin gets a beautifying treatment.

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