In Grown Hair

In Grown Hair


Here is a picture of the different types of ingrown hairs taken from the ASCP Skincare magazine. The first box is the most common type that is caused when the hair can't exit. The second is caused by friction. The third is called the tornado and the fourth the traveling ingrown, growing downward or under the skin until it finds another way out.

There are several reasons why hair becomes in grown, including genetics and dry skin. The other is friction from tight clothing. People with thicker hair are also more susceptible. Shaving and waxing can actually increase the problem as well.

Ways to Combat This Irritating Problem

Skin that isn't supple and full of luster is not in prime condition. Skin requires good internal health to reflect that external condition. Plus, exfoliation, hydration, barrier repair and barrier protection are important. I love what good fats can do for the skin. What's your favorite healthy fat?

  1. Exfoliation with products that help clean the pore and dissolve the extra skin works well to reduce the unneeded barrier. Some ingredients that help are the alpha hydroxy acids such as mandelic, glycolic, salicyclic and enzymes. A GENTLE use of a scrub or brush two to three times a week will help. I personally love the medium strength brush to use in the shower. Bacteria loving sponges and loofahs should be washed in washer and thrown away when needed.

  2. If you have a lot of ingrowns in one area, you may want to stop shaving in that area until the hairs have had a chance to come to the surface. It is recommended that a single bladed razor be used.

  3. Use a non clogging and breathable hydrator. Oils, petrolatum, dimethicone and other barrier focused ingredients have a place but only when the skin's barrier is compromised.

  4. Take off sweaty clothes after working out.

  5. No picking.

  6. Have you every scheduled a body treatment with me at Pure Dermal Care. It's a nice way to kick start your home care regimen.

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