Four Factors that Can Make Your Skin Beautiful

Four Factors that Can Make Your Skin Beautiful

When it comes to skin, there are four factors that keep us age less. Since skin is our largest organ, it will tell us how we are doing:


1.     Frequency of exfoliation.  After age 40 our skin sheds seven times slower than babies. Solution: chemical peels, microdermabrasion and weekly home treatments.


2.     Affections. Your thinking ages you. Worry shows up on the face!


3.     Water.  Since we are mostly water, you’ll do what’s right for your body by starting with drinking 1/2 your weight in water in ounces.


4.       Ease. Resting is important to incorporate daily and at least once a day. Once upon a time, no shopping, limited commerce and life in general took a break on Sundays to give people time for family and rest! Make time each week to take a rest! Read a book, go outside, walk or decide to just be. It’s really important.

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