Clean Ingredients Translate to Less Sensitivities

Clean Ingredients Translate to Less Sensitivities

All ingredients AREN'T created equal! 

That’s why we carry Hale & Hush Skincare

Founder Kris Campbell is a pioneer in the treatment and nourishment of sensitive skin. In 2015 she founded Hale & Hush, the only professional skincare line to focus exclusively on sensitive skin. She is a researcher and Educator who previously worked for one of the most prestigious FDA labs in the country and currently formulates for Hale & Hush.

She teaches around the nation on subjects like:

  • How ingredients like Vitamin C can be extracted from many different sources for different results.

  • There are different sources for the same ingredient, and this matters for results

  • How cosmeceutical ingredients differ in each form to create different results

  • Why the FDA mandates that only "cosmeceutical" skincare companies must provide a full ingredient list, unlike "cosmetic" grade products

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