When Your Image Doesn't Reflect Your Inside

When Your Image Doesn't Reflect Your Inside

Uncooperative skin can look like wrinkles, acne, dark spots, sagging skin, blotchiness or dull appearance

March is my birthday month. One birthday in particular my skin nearly lost me friendships and caused arguments.
My twin sister and I had a birthday celebration of skiing with our husbands. That meant for me trying to conceal my acne under makeup while covering it up from the elements.

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More painful than feeling the cold on my skin was coming home to a surprise party. I felt so embarrassed about my skin. I took ages in the bathroom. The guests were frustrated, my husband was too. I didn't feel much in the party mood. This was all because I felt so uncomfortable in my own skin.
Eventually I found some solutions but it wouldn't be until after working in professional settings where I faltered in appearing confident.
I still battled my skin. I couldn't seem to figure out skincare and how to present my best self.
Feeling confident, attractive, or winsome. Children tend to know that they are adorable don't they? But by the time we are adults, we have so many narratives.
An accidental foray into using professional skincare products led to the turn around for my skin. That's why I carry such a variety of products in my skincare studio. Active ingedients work. Think a cake without leavening.
Creamy cleansers that are gentle often are recommended by dermatologists. However, these offerings from the grocery store are far from deep cleaning. Even those that come from multi-level marketing sources may or may not have the oomph to change the skin.

Chemical Peels- A Favorite Helper

As far as treatments go, peels are one of my favorite remedies for both acne or sagging, discolored skin. You can add one to many other facials.

Micro Channeling=Smooth Skin 

What we call our Wrinkle Lift treatment is our go to for strengthening and smoothing the skin. The micro channels trigger the skin's healing mechanism and results in tightening and reducing signs of aging. It's not for the faint of heart. The stamp with probes .25 to .5 mm will be applied to your skin with a machine. A serum with adult stem cell precursors and antioxidants followup to the stamping to get the best results. We treat the neck too.
We have products and services designed for most any budget of finances and time. Don't forget that we have an online scheduler.

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